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Use this application to sign up your community for the National Wildlife Federation Community Wildlife Habitat program. On the second page of this application you will be prompted to pay the $99 one-time registration fee to sign up. Please be sure to review the About page which includes a detailed question-and-answer document.

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The National Wildlife Federation believes that every community should have the opportunity to participate in the Community Wildlife Habitat program and has instituted a flexible fee structure. If paying a registration fee is not possible for your community for any reason, we encourage you to select a fee of $0.00. We also offer the following guidance for community registration fees:

  • Small Community – (population 1-100,000) - $99
  • Medium Community – (population 100,001-500,000) - $249
  • Large Community – (population 500,001+) - $499
  • Any Community Where a Fee Is a Barrier - $0
100% of these registration fees are reinvested in supporting our communities to achieve their goals through the Community Wildlife Habitat program. The registration fee covers the cost of our welcome packet, staff consultations, network-wide meetings, creation of new resources and more. If you have any questions about our fee structure or guidance, please contact us at